About Neifall

Behind every jewellery, have it’s own stories,they are more than just an ornament. I’m a jewellery designer , The inspiration came from my college classmates. Her boyfriend joined the army and they had to be temporarily separated. she can only miss him every day by looking at the photos. I found out about this and wanted to help her, so I decided to make a custom necklace with their pictures.When wearing the necklace she could feel he’s always by her side .My classmate liked it very much and thought it was very meaningful. When more people knew about this, many people around me came to me to make necklaces for them, so neifall was born.

I discovered the true value of the existence of custom jewelry. It’s a bridge of connecting the love between people. and this custom-made gift captures our most precious moments. everyone is unique and deserves an exclusive commemoration. As long as you have this idea, we can make it for you and help you to continue your own stories. Even after a long time, it will still be a classical story.

Our Vision

You are our muse and your story is our motivation. We put our love and care into each piece we craft, understanding the significance it carries for our customers. Because of this, we value high-quality materials — your story was made to last.

Why Choose Us

Every people can be a great designer of love.

Unlimited Personalized Option: 10 designers can support your personal customization needs at any time.

Reassuring Quality: each piece of product has been carefully carved, polished, inspected and carefully packed and transported.

Multiple Uses: from celebrating the milestone of growth of someone such as birth and graduation, honoring an anniversary of relationship, to sharing or exchanging, our stunning and dainty collection allow everyone to commemorate special occasions or any day in unique, personalized ways.

For any additional questions, comments, compliments or concerns, we are always ready to hear from you. Please contact us at support@neifall.com.