TIKTOK is a brand new young short video platform, where everyone can share interesting things in their lives, giving global audiences the opportunity to see the videos shared by everyone, which is a very interesting thing .

Our mission is to bring happiness to everyone, and when they receive our custom product, they are absolutely happy at that moment. Our products are unique and represent a happy and beautiful life.

How to start a TIKTOK influencer promotion program?
When you buy one of our products in our store. After receiving the product, you can record a video of our product, the video can reflect the characteristics of this product, including the effect of wearing it, etc., feel free to use your creativity. When this video is uploaded to TIKTOK, please @neifall our brand account. Prepare your paypal account, and send an email to tell us that you have participated in our activities, we will issue our bonus according to the number of views of the video after receiving the email.

We set a minimum $5, up to $100 bonus ladder for each video:
10K-50K bonuses are $5
50K-100K bonus is $15
100K-200K bonus is $25
200K-300K bonus is $35
300K-400K bonus is $45
400K-500K bonus is $55
500K-600K bonus is $65
600K-800K bonus is $80
800k-1M bonus is $100

How to get these bonuses?
After your video is released, each video will have continuous viewing volume. We will settle the final bonus after you submit the application for receiving the bonus, and the video after receiving the bonus will no longer be counted as the bonus. We will send you the bonus from paypal, usually within 1 hour.